Dropout Creates $1M Real Estate Empire in Less Than a Year

Posted on May 25 2016 - 8:34pm by Brandon De Hoyos

engelo-rumoraYou might not expect a whole lot from scrappy kid who quit school at the age of 14.

Young and idealistic, Engelo Rumora, known today as ‘The Real Estate Dingo,” went on to play professional soccer in Hong Kong at 18. But, he also did something most of his young peers would never dream of doing. He picked up a book. He picked up one of THE books.

Reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad was a life-changing moment, he says, because it led to his decision to spend $40,000 in savings on his very first investment property in February 2011.

Within six months, he purchased seven more properties in Australia and the U.S., making his portfolio worth well over $1 million in less than a year.

Not bad for a dropout, right? The story doesn’t end there.

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The now 28-year-old Engelo was so motivated by the success of his first foray into real estate, he jumped in with both feet. The world took notice. After purchasing what is known as “Australia’s Cheapest House,” Engelo found himself in the media spotlight. And the rest, as they say, is history.

With more than 350 real estate deals completed to date and running three businesses in Toledo, Ohio, Engelo is not only living his dreams, he is helping others achieve similar success.

Engelo, who has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Globe & Mail, and Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, works with hundreds of investors though his consulting services.

Take the stigma out of turnkey real estate – Ohio Cashflow

engelo-rumora-2The secret to success, Engelo says, is having the right people around you, providing specialized knowledge whenever it is needed.

His investment strategy, meantime, is to find undervalued assets that can be rented for positive cashflow outcome after minor or major renovations.

“Always look at the numbers in the deal,” Engelo says. “If those numbers make sense today and suit your end goal, the deal might be worth pursuing further.”

His life is both cautionary tale and an outstanding lesson: First, never doubt the abilities of the young. Second, never doubt your abilities, either.

Just like Engelo, you too can achieve great success in real estate investments if you want. It begins with a decision to succeed, and surrounding yourself with good mentors.

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