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Posted on Mar 5 2018 - 5:33pm by Lance Edwards

logo-1GREENZONE Properties LLC is a property acquisition, development, and fund management company. Our focus is on obtaining properties zoned for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and/or dispensing; namely those in the Green Zone. Our focus is on creating multi-generational wealth for both our clients and our investors through our Cash NOW, Cash FLOW and Cash LATER system.


The legalization of recreational marijuana in numerous states has created a market and a great investment opportunity. Once federal law is liberalized to allow wider use of cannabis, which is the direction current developments have been leading to, this is going to be a sunrise industry with huge growth potentials.  Our goal is to create a strong foundation in this new emerging market and be prepared for 2018 and beyond.  We plan on doing this from multiple directions. From purchasing land and securing conditional use permits in various strategic locations in order to build out cultivation grows to manufacturing facilities and dispensaries.  Our initial plan is to develop and build out properties that can be sold or leased out for cultivation or manufacturing. Later, when federal law changes we plan to have a chain of dispensaries and retail stores allowing us the chance for the first time to provide a truly reliable and consistently high quality product.

One of the major problems within this industry and one that will likely continue for some time is the stereotype that all people who take Cannabis are “Stoners”.  In fact there is some truth to the fact that the industry is FILLED with lazy people who don’t understand business or possess a high work ethic.  This industry has NEVER been treated like a real business UNTIL NOW.  Our main goal is to help change this perception.

Over 48,000 people die from alcohol every year, 288,000 die from cigarettes and we all accept them as “OK”.  Yet Cannabis which has ZERO DEATHS EVER is considered bad and harmful.


At the end of the day we know the opportunity with cannabis in unprecedented.  This will be even bigger than the end of prohibition of alcohol, because the population is larger, the demand is greater, there is widespread acceptance, and because of technological advances.  The winners in this sector will be the first ones out with a consistent, high grade product and an emphasis on quality customer service.  Because of all the indoor hydroponics and the science that is now going into the manufacturing of extracts, the effectiveness of cannabis has increased ten fold.  We can now prescribe certain strains for certain ailments decreasing the dependence on Big Pharma and prescription pills.

For these reasons and more we feel this is the right time to get in and establish our footprint, buying and owning the land and buildings that are in the “Green Zone” or those that are zoned specifically for the Cannabis industry.  Our mission within the next 5-8 years is to become the largest Landholder of such Green Zoned Properties.  We will accomplish this through the acquisition of commercial real estate properties that we can then sell or lease-back to qualified tenants in the Cannabis Industry.  For us at GreenZone Properties this is the foundation of what we are doing.

We feel at GreenZone Properties LLC that, no matter what happens, as the Cannabis Industry begins to explode over the next 5-8 years Nationally, that GREEN ZONED PROPERTIES are always going to be the best strategy for growth and stability [as real estate is in ANY sector].


With all the uncertainty in this emerging industry real estate is the one factor you can count on.  At GreenZone Properties (GZP) we are buying up the landscape in this arena and GZP will be the largest GreenZone Property Management and Development Company in the country.   We believe we can accomplish this because of how we work with and take care of our investors.

For every property we sell in our 50/50 Fund our investors will receive 50% of the net profits. For each property that we lease through the Fund, investors will also receive 50%. In other words you’ll get 50% whether we sell or rent a property to a tenant. Sales will help us to return your investment quickly, while leases will provide ongoing cashflow and residual income.

For our CEO Pete Asmus, he understands the power and value of our investors. For him this was the biggest piece, wanting to make sure that he was helping build multi-generational wealth for his investors as well as his own family.

So everyday we are looking for properties within the green zone that fit our criteria to put into our portfolio.  We are building a strong brand awareness along with solid investment models that are designed to build multi-generational wealth for our families and our investors.  We only work with people we enjoy working with at this point, we’ve been doing this long enough we don’t need to just close a deal or get capital.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT EVERYONE.  This is just as much a relationship for us as it is for you. Together we are both investing something into a relationship that we will prosper from.  This relationship has to work for both of us.  When we have an introductory meeting, as much as you are interviewing us and feeling us out to see if you want to work with us, we are doing the same.  In order for us to have a successful relationship it all comes down to expectations.  This is one reason why our CEO likes to meet each investor/partner personally, helping to insure the success of our partnership.

Our main goal is to make sure everyone’s expectations are realistic, and then do everything in our power to SHATTER those expectations.

“We are focusing on development for the next 3-5 years to become one of the premier Developers in this sector as it continues to expand.” – Pete Asmus

GreenZone Properties is a real estate development and fund management company located in Murrieta, Ca., with a focus on the cannabis industry. Through our funds at GREENZONE Properties, we offer investments in,  [real estate only] portfolios and diversified portfolios of vertically integrated businesses [covering the entire industry.]   We realize that you couldn’t just own one part of this industry, if you wanted to truly be successful you had to be vertically integrated.

Even though this industry is brand new, we have already seen companies fail because they didn’t think ahead or just didn’t understand business well enough.   GREENZONE’s biggest strength is the fact we aren’t from this industry but from a diverse background with roots in politics, executive management, social work, marketing, raising money, and most important of all… Real Estate.

From cultivation to the customer experience we capitalize every step of the way to monetize your investment throughout the entire process.  This industry is still emerging and we won’t know all the opportunities it will create yet.  At the end of the day, it’s about who we are and what we are offering.  Our [cannabis based] portfolios deliver both security and profitability in an emerging industry with unparalleled returns, this is [y]our opportunity to create multi-generational wealth.

VisionandMission_OUR VISION & MISSION

Our Vision is within the next 5-8 years is to become the largest Landholder of Green Zoned Properites.  Our Mission is to accomplish this through the acquisition of commercial real estate properties we can then lease-back to qualified tenants in the Cannabis Industry.  For us at GreenZone Properties this is the foundation of what we are doing.

With all the uncertainty in this emerging industry,  real estate is the one factor you can count on.  At GreenZone Properties we are buying the landscape in this arena and GZP will be the largest GreenZone Property Management and Development Co. in the country.   We believe we can accomplish this because of how we work with and take care of our investors in perpetuity.  For our CEO Pete Asmus, he understands the power and value of our investors, so he personally insured that every fund they do has three solutions, Cash Now, Cash Flow and Cash Later..  For him this was the biggest piece, he wanted to make sure that he was helping build multi-generational wealth for his investors as well as his own family.

Everyday we are looking for properties that fit our criteria to put into our portfolio.  We are building a strong brand awareness along with solid investment models that are designed to build multi-generational wealth.  We work with people we enjoy working with, we’ve been doing this long enough we don’t need to just close a deal.

WE DON’T ACCEPT EVERYONE.  Please understand this is just as much a relationship for us as it is for you, together we are investing in long term relationships that we can both prosper from.   When we do our intro or discovery as much as you are interviewing us and feeling us out to see if you want to work with us, we are doing the same.


Are you interested in finding out more about what our projects look like or do you want to see a deal?  Then click the button below and check out our Opportunties page!  We are looking for Accredited Investors for most of our projects.  If you are a non accredited investor then click here and let’s set up a time to chat and see if there is a way to help you move forward!

Current Opportunities Page

Triangle-LOGODHS Industrial Park


Fund Began: August 10, 2017

Last Day to Invest: August 10, 2018

Investor returns are prorated based upon the date that their paperwork is completed and approved. Those who invest earlier are thus rewarded with a greater return. With each passing month your personal profit decreases by 1/12th. Imagine for example a $100 investment that generates a 50% annual return. If you invest for one year you’ll end up with $150, but if you invest for six months you have only $125.


  • Close on Property ($1.2M) 100%
  • Phase 2 ($1.2M)
  • Fund Began: August 10, 2017

In order for us to have a successful relationship it all comes down to expectations.  Our main goal is to make sure everyone’s expectations are realistic and then we do everything in our power to SHATTER those expectations.

Do you have land or a property that is in the GREENZONE and you feel it might fit our business Model and you want to Sell it to us or Joint Venture?  Please Contact Us.
Normal response time is a few hours but could take up to 24 hours depending on the time and day.



Pete Asmus

good-smirk-e1516774305616-290x300Pete Asmus is a real estate investor who specializes in marketing, branding, and raising capital. He has a well-established history of securing capital for projects such as flipping highend residential properties and starting up small businesses. He has personally purchased and invested in mobile homes, single-family homes, restaurant franchises, and commercial buildings.

He has spent the last decade learning, teaching, and speaking, making connections and building relationships with top deal makers in the industry. He has always been driven to build platforms and strategies that he not only could personally invest in but that would also provide opportunities for other investors. His achievements have come with both successes and setbacks which Mr. Asmus has used to prove that he has the ability to not only survive the storm, but thrive.

A strong proponent of transparency and openness, he always includes his investors (who he prefers to call partners) in his decisions. When he formed The Asmus Group and its many subsidiaries, it was always his primary focus to take care of and look out for his investors, aiming at all times to create truly win/win relationships and business models.

Generous by nature, Mr. Asmus has garnered a national reputation, personally training thousands of students and helping them to find the right investment opportunities to match their goals and objectives. He is also a regular public speaker and a published author, having written Force Your Dreams into Reality, The Question Factor, and The Stock Market Refugee. Additionally, he is an editor at Investor Quarterly and an award-winning radio host. He also manages a database of over 2.5 million investors and owns the world’s largest LinkedIn real estate investment group with over half a million members.

More than a businessman, Mr. Asmus is a reliable, dependable, and loving family man whose children can frequently be seen when he’s conducting business, either sitting at a nearby table, taking pictures and video, or simply observing their father in action as he instills in them the seeds of their own future success. Of particular personal interest, Mr. Asmus is a staunch advocate for public education on Alopecia.

As CEO, Mr. Asmus will be responsible for managing all personnel, team members, and managers. He will be the primary point of contact for investors and tasked with keeping everyone continually moving forward. A licensed Realtor with a deep network Mr. Asmus is an expert at finding and identifying prime real estate. He will also work closely with his personally handpicked Board of Advisors consistent of attorneys, accountants, investors, and other consultants.

Where Pete will be speaking this month

March 14 – OCRE Forum Double Tree by John Wayne Airport

Pete will be speaking about the opportunity in Commercial Real Estate due to the Cannabis Boom.

Find out more about Pete at


Mark Scarola

Mark-5-e1516773504591-768x840COO Mark Scarola is a real estate investor with a background in social services. In his past he created programs aimed at serving local communities, developed training programs, and was a college professor. As a licensed mental health therapist he provided therapy to people with mental health diagnoses, those impacted by sexual abuse, individuals with suicidal thoughts, and later counseled college students

Mr. Scarola has been an entrepreneur for the last eight to nine years, having established several small businesses including an investment company, an educational and networking group, and a non-profit organization that provides emotional support and whose website regularly attracts 11,000 visitors a month.

His investment company is involved primarily in mortgage notes (home loans) and rental properties. Drawing on his counseling experience he works well with distressed and struggling homeowners to find mutually beneficial solutions. He also relies on his thorough attention to detail and organizational skills in completing the necessary due diligence inherently involved with all forms of investing.

Mr. Scarola graduated at the top of his college class where he was named Senior Marshall and gave a speech to 5000 people during their commencement. He has received numerous performance based awards over the life of his career, has been a guest speaker at area events and online podcasts, and has saved his employers tens of thousands of dollars.

He has also successfully defended two theses, prepared four research manuscripts, and conducted a number of statistical analyses. He is a research grant recipient and has completed several research projects, frequently presenting his findings at local and regional conferences.

Mr. Scarola is bringing his skills to GreenZone Properties as COO to complete proposals, analyze information, and coordinate events and tasks completed by others. He will also be responsible for overseeing a smooth operation, assuring that the company stays on task and meets its deadlines, developing and maintaining strong community ties, working closely with consultants to assure legal and financial compliance, and managing others associated with the organization such as vendors and associates.


Dan Porrevecchio

danAs CEO of Porrevecchio Advertising and Marketing, Dan Porrevecchio navigated a changing marketing landscape to create a history of success for his clients. In competition with brands such as Lockheed Martin, Hewlett Packard, and FedEx, Porrevecchio Advertising and Marketing produced work featured in the Graphis Advertising Annual as one of the top five corporate campaigns worldwide. Graphis is a compendium of the best advertising, design, photography and art/illustration in the world. More important, Porrevecchio Advertising and Marketing has helped its clients’ make millions, gain market share, and produce a legacy of success for the shareholders and entrepreneurs the agency represents.

Our focus is on achieving strategic objectives and performance, such as taking a business-to-business client from a $79 million loss to a $6 million profit in one year; an industrial client from a start-up to the industry leader in 39 states, an institutional client from a three year trend of negative growth to 14% growth in one year, a business-to-consumer client to double digit growth for 19 years, and directed marketing campaigns for a nationwide insurance enterprise that grew from 2 companies and diversified to more than 50 companies in four years. We begin with an understanding of why people buy. We study people, put them in context with a client’s market segments, business strategy, management principles and distribution models, then craft a message to show why and how our client is a better consumer choice. We respect our clients while respecting the consumer, creating a benefit to both.

Dan’s interests go beyond the world of advertising and marketing. For the better part of the last twenty-three years, Dan has been the Chairman of the Little Blue Valley Homes Association in Kansas City, Missouri. The Little Blue Valley is a scenic, rural, twenty-one square mile area tucked away in the southeast corner of the city. It’s heavily wooded tracts, rolling hills, streams, and narrow winding roads access large and small farmsteads and ranches. A growing interest in residential and commercial development, combined with the community’s interest in maintaining its rural lifestyle, led Dan to bring city leaders together with the community to develop the first major land use plan for Kansas City, Missouri (Area Plan 13). The plan takes advantage of the topography, waterways, and the natural resources preserved by generations of area farmers and ranchers to provide development opportunity without sacrificing the natural beauty, the environment, or the integrity of the community. Since its adoption, Kansas City’s Area Plan 13 has effectively guided development in the Little Blue Valley, and has been used as a model for community development and preservation in cities across the country.

By its nature, the Little Blue Valley is one of the least populous areas of Kansas City. As development interest grew, and with scarce police resources for the area, crime began to disturb the peace and quiet of the Valley. Working with the Kansas City Police Department, Dan brought the community and the Police Department together to create one of the first community policing partnerships in Kansas City. The police department and the community then worked together with the city council to craft ordinances to better protect citizens and the community. Since then, the Little Blue Valley has remained one of the three most crime-free areas in Kansas City. In recognition for this work, Dan was awarded the highest civilian commendation by the Kansas City Missouri Police Commission and the City of Kansas City.

Area Plan 13 spurred city planners to create a blueprint for the future of Kansas City. It is called FOCUS Kansas City – Forging Our Comprehensive Urban Strategy, and Dan was asked to help lead the initiative. FOCUS Kansas City is a blueprint for priorities and guidelines about neighborhoods, jobs, taxes, capital improvements, public safety, education, and more. In short, FOCUS Kansas City was formed to meet the comprehensive challenges facing Kansas City in the 21st century. Stemming from this strategic framework, Kansas City, Missouri has become an entrepreneurial hotbed, and is recognized among the best cities in the country to start a new business. In addition, it is regarded as one of the most hospitable cities to raise a family.

These strategic civic initiatives led to the realization that Kansas City’s charter, crafted in the 1940’s, was no longer suited to meet the goals and the dynamic needs of the city in the 21st century. The Mayor, City Council, and City Manager wanted an innovative plan to revise Kansas City’s charter to make it workable and relevant well into the future. Once again, Dan was asked to help lead this initiative. To accomplish the objective, Dan proposed a city charter designed after the United States Constitution…a simple, clearly defined, yet flexible governance guide working in the interest of citizens and business alike. This proposal was accepted, and 18 months later, Kansas City adopted one of the most innovative, effective, and workable city charters in America.

Dan has also served for many years as an officer and member of the board of directors of four other community institutions: The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Greater Kansas City, the Foundation Workshop for the Developmentally Disabled, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, and the Citizens Association of Kansas City.


Jillian Sidoti – Legal Council

jillianJillian Sidoti, Esq. is one of the country’s leading experts on crowdfunding. Her firm,, focuses on securities transactions with an emphasis on servicing the small business and entrepreneurs providing PPM’s, Regulation A filings, and small public offerings. Prior to her legal career, Jillian owned and operated a record label enabling her to tour worldwide with artists, worked in commercial development, and held various positions in the financial field in manufacturing, real estate, and financial services. Jillian has taught Finance and Accounting for the BS and MBA programs at the University of Redlands.

In 2000, Jillian completed the BS program cum laude at Northeastern University, concentrating in finance and international business. Later, Jillian earned her law degree from New England School of Law.
Jillian is the author of The Crowdfunding Myth which debunks the multiple myths surrounding crowdfunding and teaches the reader how to effectively crowdfund their securities offering.


Trowbridge Sidoti LLP ( is a boutique law firm whose area of practice includes setting up Syndications, Private Placement Offerings, Private Equity Funds, and Joint Ventures for real estate ventures and small business startups.

Trowbridge Sidoti LLP’s legal services include preparation of Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs) and investor Subscription Agreements, selecting the appropriate securities exemption, formation and structuring of legal entities, and drafting investor agreements such as limited liability company (LLC) Operating Agreements or Private Loan Documents. We prepare and file the securities notices with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state securities agencies required to qualify for a securities exemption from registration.

The firm’s clients range from seasoned and sophisticated commercial real estate investors and brokers to individuals raising Private Money from family and friends for their first deal or new business. Many of their first-time syndication clients have gone on to do multiple Private Securities Offerings. Trowbridge Sidoti assists clients with federal securities offerings in all 50 states.