Harvey & My Business – What I Learned

Posted on Sep 19 2017 - 9:43pm by Lance Edwards

lance-headshot350Dear Friends,

The last time I emailed you, our Houston office had just gone thru Harvey and Houston was under water.  Our company had to vacate our office since it was accessible only by boat.

At that time, I announced we shifted to remote operations so we could continue to support you, albeit with some delay in a few instances.

GOOD NEWS – the Houston office reopened fully on Wednesday, Sep 13.  Nearly everyone is back in the office (with the exception of me – my story is below).

My tale is a lesson learned on the importance of your own business.

As a result of Harvey, my house was flooded and my office was shut down for over 2 weeks.  Yet, unlike so many small businesses in Houston, our operations continued, along with revenue, during this entire time.

Why is that important to you?

Because your own small business is your best insurance against financial calamity in the wake of a disaster like Harvey or Irma.

What insulated me and my team from financial disruption are the following attributes of our business:

– Not dependent on a single city; we are nationwide

– Can operate the business over phone & Internet

– Can operate the business from anywhere

– Can direct our marketing anywhere

– My team can operate from anywhere

BTW – you can have the same thing with your small apartment wholesaling business.  All you need is the know-how plus phone and Internet.  The business operates nationwide.

If you’d like our help to show you how, call my Training Desk at 281-667-3638.
To your success,

Lance Edwards


P.S. Even if you weren’t directly affected by Harvey or Irma, use them as your wake up call.  You’ll never be truly financially free until you start your own small business (with the above attributes).

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