Hidden Cashflow Fortunes: What It Is

Posted on Apr 26 2017 - 8:07pm by Lance Edwards


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This is our brief review of Hidden Cashflow Fortunes and we will tell you all you need to know about it. If you want to learn how to create a fortune without putting down any money or charging your credit card, Hidden Cashflow Fortunes may be your best bet.

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Through this simple training and partnership program, you will learn to spot opportunities for creating cash flow streams with deals that most investors pass up. The team’s new speaker will help you crack the codes to gaining extra capital.

Through the program, you get to meet Ian Flanagan. He is a former student turned teacher and now the team’s newest hedge fund rockstar who developed Hidden Cashflow Fortunes. He developed this strategy as a way of solving the problems he encountered with wholesaling and rehabbing. Although he is a non-guru, so to speak, he is currently the best person on the team to get in front of your audience. Through the webinar he designed, he will teach you how to obtain a 312% ROI on Facebook.

Hidden Cashflow Fortunes is a training and partnership program on finding and building up to 4 cash flow streams from every hidden cash flow deal identified. Whether you are a seasoned or newbie real estate investor, you will learn how to spot those hidden deals and make a fortune out of them. The profits that could be made from hidden cash flow deals are 5 to 10 times more than those from wholesale deals. Plus, they are 10 times easier to do than rehabbing.
Hidden cash flow deals are often overlooked by other investors because they are busy with hunting for high-equity deals where the competition is high. Since they are not trained to see the opportunity in these overlooked deals, there will be less competition for the cash flow that can be made. This means that only those who trained for Hidden Cashflow Fortunes will be able to make the most out of those missed deals.

As already mentioned, the strategy will help you create 4 cash flow streams from hidden deals. The first cash flow stream is commissions. When you find and refer qualified deals, you get a $1000 to $1500 commission per deal. That is on a case by case basis of course. The second cash flow stream you get is the down payments made by tenant buyers. The third cash flow stream is the monthly cash flow you get from the mortgage spread. The fourth cash flow stream comes from the sale of your tenant buyers’ note for cash. This can be done anytime you need or want it. This feature allows you decide if you want cash now or later.

What We Like About The Product

What we like about the Hidden Cash Flow Fortunes strategy is that you do not need to pay cash or submit your credit card information to avail of the training and start doing hidden cash flow deals. With Hidden Cashflow Fortunes, you do not need cash buyers, high-equity deals, contractors, or private money. You will not need to do any rehabbing or wholesaling. Since you do not need to have any experience to be able to create 4 cash flow streams from zero competition deals, this strategy developed by Ian Flanagan is perfect for first-time investors.

Bonuses Included

In this review, we would like to look at the other perks that you will have access to once you sign up for the program. If you are one of the top 10 people who will register for the program during the launch, you will become a member of the Insiders Mastermind. As member, you will learn the secrets for traffic, list building, conversions, funnel optimization, closing, selling back end coaching, and other prized industry information.

Furthermore, you will learn how to clone what the team is doing so that you too can easily rake in $8000 per head, fill seminar or webinar rooms purely through cold traffic, and retain high conversions and EPC. Plus, you get to meet like-minded investors and info marketers.

There is more. When you are a member, you immediately qualify for the team’s sales contests. You get to win up to $100,000; up to 10% commission bump on launch sales, and advanced setup of Facebook targeting campaigns. Even if you do not land in the top 3, you still get the chance to win Apple gadgets.

Overall Thoughts

If you are a first-time investor or a veteran who is tired of competing for the obvious high-equity deals, Hidden Cashflow Fortunes is the right program for you. Learn how to take advantage of hidden deals and create 4 cash flow streams for yourself. Although relatively new, this strategy will create a massive impact on your income. We hope this Hidden Cashflow Fortunes review is helpful in your evaluation of this program.

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