Want to Sell Your House Fast?

Posted on Jun 20 2017 - 7:38pm by Lance Edwards


Hello and welcome to  Cash4Houses.NET.  If you are thinking, “Sell my house fast,” we buy houses in San Antonio and all of Texas.  We help individuals, families and businesses deal with life as it pertains to real estate in San Antonio. Throughout the years all of us eventually have to deal with issues relating to real estate. For many people this is a complicated and confusing issue.

Don’t be frustrated! Let’s have a conversation about your property and we’ll give you the options as we see them…even if it involves you keeping your home.

We help people in all types of situations that need cash for houses; foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, transferring, downsizing, fire damage, flood damage, foundation issues, unexpected liens, title issues, bad tenants, vacant, in disrepair, Tax liens…you name it and we’ve seen it all before!

In many cases, Cash4Houses.NET can even offer to pay you the market price for your San Antonio home! You can expect our professional home buyer real estate team to include a full price offer as one of the 4 offers we extend to you. Under certain terms and conditions, a professional home buyer can always offer full price! …but it takes a pro that knows what they’re doing to get this done helping us offer cash for houses San Antonio!

If you’re thinking “sell my house fast,” and are ready to sell your property, we would like to offer you a “no obligation” offer Cash4Houses.NET is at  your service. We can give you up to 4 different types of offers – you choose which offer works best for you!



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What do you do for a living?????

I buy and then sell about 100 houses per year in San Antonio. What can YOU sell me? What can you sell to those in the room trying to sell me something? The real estate business touches almost everyone.

The BIG TEXAS REAL ESTATE HAPPY HOUR is for any person involved in a business that associates or can gain business via the Real Estate industry professional; insurance agents insure houses and buildings, remodel companies repair houses that are to be sold, title companies personnel definitely should attend, investors are always in attendance, roofers, electricians, plumbers, carpet and flooring personnel, cabinet makers, deck builders, outdoor kitchen salesmen, painters, swimming pool companies, maintenance companies, property management companies, landlords, RE attorneys, lawn maintenance companies…all would do well to attend.

What do YOU do for a living? Chances are, someone in the room needs your product or service.

–Mitch Stephen–
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Be the Bank!

Investors need a Decent Return on their Money

Home Buyers need Money to Buy a Home!

The Answer  – YOU BE THE BANK

Bring Investors, Home Buyers and Bargain Homes together and solve all their problems at once…

My name is Mitch Stephen… and I am not a marketing “guru”.  I am an Author, Musician and RE Investor and very active making deals all week long.

Do I know a lot about creative real estate investing? YES!

Could I teach a person a ton about making money in real estate? YES.

My day to day activity is not even close to that of a marketing guru’s.

Still, people ask me all the time; “Can you teach me how to do real estate investing?” or “Why don’t you give a course about investing in real estate?”

Long before I wrote a book or had a course, I used to teach people how I do my business. When I trained people to run my business I was inadvertently teaching them to become self sufficient. Apparently, I was really good at teaching people how to become independent. Almost all my employees have ended up going out on their own and buying houses for themselves.

Then, something tragic happened. I sat down to categorize my life. I authored 800 pages that ended up being a book called My Life & 1,000 Houses

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