Inside Trade Secrets of the Mortgage Industry Revealed

Posted on Jan 4 2016 - 9:46pm by Lance Edwards
Troy Fullwood

Troy Fullwood

BY TROY FULLWOOD Want To Know An Inside Trade Secret? The Mortgage Industry really is not that hard to learn and understand.

See, you can make a fee for finding Mortgage holders and referring them to mortgage buyers OR you can find mortgage holders and invest in them for your own cash flow – I like the 2nd option the best! It’s what I call good old fashion “Mailbox Money.” There’s also a HUGE supply!

With over 57.82 percent of Americans unable to qualify for traditional home loans under the new banking guidelines, it’s creating an open market of over $87+ billion in just residential real estate mortgages being created each year…and in this economy, that number is on the rise.

While it’s not instant wealth, it’s based off a long standing Wall Street investing model that has stood the test of time.

I can assure you the Mortgage Investor Industry is a real business. The key to success is starting with the right foundation, gathered from high quality trainings from a real investor who works in the industry every day.

Some people will say “you need a background in real estate, or finance, or even a certain type of degree.” The fact of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth.

I have helped people from all walks of life succeed in the mortgage industry. However, each of these people did have something in common: Knowledge.

It is that kind of tested and time-saving knowledge that I am going to pass on to you in this training.

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I have designed this training with three things in mind…

1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
I am giving you my best-kept mortgage buying secrets. My marketing letters, negotiation strategies, even my closely guarded online campaigns. I will walk you through, step-by-step, how to start your Mortgage Investor Business from scratch. I go through the top methods of finding cash flow mortgages as well as share my personal marketing pieces (where you can simply change the name and start using as your own)!

2. Ongoing Support
I built the training on a platform that allows you to ask questions right in the training. I am checking in with you every week! Your questions are not outsourced to someone who may know less about the industry than you. I personally answer your questions. I don’t know anywhere you can find that level of access to successful industry professionals!

3. Affordability
I know money can be tight – especially in this economy. Every dollar you spend needs to be going towards something that can help you get out of the rat race and build a solid, self-driven income. It used to cost thousands of dollars for this type of training (some people still try to charge that). The Internet has changed everything. In the past, I had to travel to some distant city, pay for an expensive meeting rooms, haul projectors, and ship materials. At the end of the day, this was thousands of dollars out of my pocket.

Today we can deliver quality training straight to your computer – guaranteed!

I designed a training that not only gives you real-world information but also provides an interactive experience where you can ask questions and get feedback.

Bottom line: once you have completed this course, you have what you need to go out and start working in all aspects of the Mortgage Investor Industry. Sure, nothing beats experience, but I have that. So use my knowledge and expertise to jump-start your business. Click here for more information

Troy Fullwood in a nationally known mortgage investor who frequently speaks and writes on the topic of mortgage investing. In 1996, he founded Pinnacle Investments, a principal buyer of first lien performing and non-performing real estate notes. In 2006, Mr Fullwood started a million dollar private equity fund that operated and produced a 92.6% IRR for himself and the investors who were involved, before he sold off his shares back in 2008. The core focus of the fund was purchasing first Lien NPN’s and modifying the loans so that the homeowners could have a second chance at staying in their homes.

With a little over seventeen years of experience in the intuitional and secondary mortgage business, Mr. Fullwood has developed a strong network of relationships with a diverse body of lenders and real estate investors, and he has closed more than 12,000 real estate transactions totaling over a billion dollars in transactional history. Mr. Fullwood attributes his success to his creativity and persistence in problem solving.

Troy and his wife Kim, enjoy spending time in Mexico doing Mission work and raising their 4 boys.