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Posted on Apr 18 2018 - 8:54pm by Lance Edwards
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When you join our FYNANC ACADEMY, you’ll immediately get access to our “vault” of some of the world’s most innovative and lower-risk financial strategies – all in one place.

These financial strategies were hand-selected for their ability to be quickly implemented while requiring little maintenance. This includes exact implementation steps that you can instantly apply to enhance your financial peace-of-mind while moving you towards financial security.

Here is a SAMPLING of some of the powerful financial strategies:






1: Research

We are a think tank of financial nerds who thrive on finding shortcuts in the financial system. We are constantly researching and verifying existing and new powerful financial strategies for ourselves and for you from some of the top financial minds. These shortcuts are not “invest” or “live below your means” strategies, but rather powerful financial strategies that can have a significant impact on your financial well-being.

2: Share

We share these powerful strategies with you through self-paced lessons.

3: Support

We believe you should manage and make your own decisions about your own money (not some financial institution). If you need help with implementation, we give you access to our community of people just like you who are implementing the same strategies.  If you still need more help, we offer 1-on-1 support for an additional fee, however, we NEVER give financial advice, we just share our powerful findings.





So what are we looking for when researching financial strategies?

It’s really simple. They (the financial strategies) have to meet the following criteria:

What we need them to do:

They have to obviously work! The numbers must “add” up. They have to be powerful. They have to be as “automated” as possible. They have to be manageable from an iPad, laptop or smart phone anywhere in the world.  They should be built to only allow taking minimal financial risks and only at a risk level picked by the user. They should be built to move the user towards financial security.

What they should not be:

They should not be “investment” strategies. They should not be “living below our means” strategies. They should not contain any network-marketing promotions nor be selling anything. They should not present any business opportunities. And for sure they should not contain any “get-rich quick” schemes.

Here’s what the user must be willing to do:

Since these strategies are so powerful and innovative, the user must be willing to put the effort to learn and understand them at their own pace and have someone help them if needed. Furthermore, the user must be willing to invest time into implementing these strategies, and have a systematic way of maintaining them.




George Antone
Chief Financial Nerd

George, our founder, works diligently on uncovering powerful financial strategies that can have a significant impact on our customers’ lives. As our leader, George sets the vision and strategy for building a company that is fun to work in and serves our customers in the best way possible. George, a best-selling author, is considered a thought-leader in the investing and finance space, a popular guest speaker, the founder of the world’s largest network of private money lenders, and was a contributor to the development of the world’s most popular personal finance software, Quicken and Quicken Financial Planner, both by Intuit Corp.