Meet the REAL Most Interesting Man in the World

Posted on May 18 2016 - 9:25pm by Lance Edwards


The old dude drinking the beer can’t quite touch Leonard Rosen.

The Pitbull Conference CEO has an incredible record of teaching mortgage brokers how to become hard money lenders.

Rosen says in his experience, he found that 50 percent of the mortgage broker’s time was spent finding a hard money lender to fund their loan scenarios.

The flaw in that traditional mortgage broker lending mo

del is that you’re only as good as the last mortgage loan you accomplished.

Rosen says he thought it would be refreshing if mortgage brokers could earn residual income annually in addition to their loan origination fees. He soon set out to make it happen.

By creating a hard money mortgage pool and private placement memorandum, he is teaching mortgage brokers how to accomplish just that with overwhelming success.

“In addition, they earn loan service fees and lending management fees as the hard money fund manager,” Rosen says. “Essentially, they are getting an upgrade from being just a mortgage loaner and are becoming the banker, too.”

Rosen’s Pittbull Conference shows how to accomplish this feat, with the CEO teaching from his proven lending program.

“If you are interested in a career in hard money lending, our hard money school and training is a must for every mortgage broker, real estate investor and lending professional,” Rosen says.

The California-based seminar has trained mortgage brokers, loan officers, private investors, hard money lenders and attorneys in the lucrative field of private money lending.

Rosen says the next conference is coming up soon. Learn more at or by calling 858-736-7788.

You can also reach Rosen at