12 Ways to Dominate the MLS in Your Market

Posted on Nov 2 2015 - 6:29pm by Lance Edwards

Real EstateBY JIM HUNTZICKER— I have heard so many real estate investors complain about finding deals or experiencing a lack of inventory. I have heard this in good markets and bad ones, too.

Herein, I will show you 12 ways to absolutely dominate the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in your market, even without MLS access.

Utilizing the steps listed below, I will go over how to get a steady stream of deeply discounted deals for your real estate investing business in any kind of market, at any experience level, literally anywhere in the country (with an MLS of course).

If you are a new investor looking for an extra couple of deals, this is the only deal source you will need. If you are an experienced investor, this will be a great additional deal source. The MLS regularly produces the most motivated seller list you will ever find and for some reason, 99 percent of the investors I talk to are underutilizing it.

I have been using these strategies for the last 7 years, and until now I have only taught them to my one-on-one coaching students. My company does as many as 10to14 rehabs at a time and 80 percent of those deals come straight out of the MLS. I regularly make $25 to 40K on deals I pull out of the MLS and have made as much as $80K. I recently had lunch with an investor that is doing 20+ rehabs per month!

People always say to me, “Well, I don’t have MLS access. How can I do this?” As you will see below, I give you a few tips to get MLS access. And people who do have MLS access say that it is so hard to get the good deals. They say they seem to be sold before they hit the market. Well, that is true in some cases and I will show you how to get deals like that as well.

Here are 12 strategies you can immediately use to dominate the MLS in your market (#5 and #10 are my favorite). Again, depending on how many deals you are looking for, you only need to do a few of these very well to have a steady stream of deals forever!

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