Posted on May 30 2018 - 8:05pm by Lance Edwards

leearnoldIn most areas, there are just way too many people chasing after the same ol’ deals. Right?  Realtors. Investors. And even first time home buyers.

Just way too much competition, in my opinion.

I like to profit where no one is looking. Makes it a whole lot easier and much more fun.

That’s why this week, I invited a guy who is looking in the most unconventional places to find 10 cents on the dollar deals and breaking all the current real estate myths out there.

Grab your seat:

We’re talking about deals with substantial equity, homeowners that actually want to sell, and virtually no competition!

That may sound like a tall order but it’s not.

He’s just done four of these kinds of deals in AND he’s working on a 5th one right now…

If you’d like to see these ‘invisible deals’ in your own backyard and discover how to profit from them in the next 29 days or less…

Then you’re invited to join us for a special web class this week.

All the details are available for you right here:

To seeing the invisible,

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