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Posted on Feb 15 2017 - 4:07pm by Lance Edwards

pic1In the last 5 years our company, Pinnacle Investments, grew 491%

How did we do it?  Coffee, Lots and lots of coffee!

In all seriousness, I don’t even drink coffee; here’s some of what we did.

  • First, we spent 15 years in the trenches mastering the details and tools of successful real estate investing.  We then tested what we knew with our own money and our own team of people.  We invested in over 1000 different properties before we sat down and created what we like to call our “Best Practice” investing model.  We did this all before we ever performed a minute of work for other investors, many of whom would eventually come to depend on us or breakthroughs, especially when no one else could figure out why their real estate investing models didn’t work.
  • We began with the end in mind. We set out to save a busy investor tons of time, while also earning them more predictable revenue. Check.
  • Then, we built a team worth building. There are 17 members of our team now – Attorney, Accountants, marketers, researchers, project managers, trade desk manager, underwriters, title partners, appraisers, and even trailing docs manager just to name a few to share all our insights with the world as we go. We learned (again) that a strong team takes years to build.
  • We optimized our investor’s funds like they were our own. It’s one thing to have an investors money, it’s another thing to invest it like it was “YOUR” money. Real estate investing has its risk. It’s a part of the business that you have to pay attention to. When problems pop up and they will you have to address them swiftly that’s how you preserve your capital and improve your returns. We eat problems for breakfast.
  • We compounded our knowledge. Every time we found something that worked for a ourselves or a client, we used it to help the next one applying that strategy to their unique business. Sometimes that backfired and failed. But we used that knowledge, too. Now we know which ideas will work best in many different situations.
  • We stopped working with clients that were a bad fit so we could focus all our energy on the perfect ones we could help most. It’s not easy when you’re still a small company and the cash is sorely needed, but it’s the right thing to do.
  • We delivered results like these: 64% return for a small mom and pop investor with limited capital, 103% return for a client that used his Roth IRA to invest with. 24.7% IRR for a long term investor that wanted monthly cash flow. Lowered the foreclosure cost for a investor by 48% by introducing them to our legal counsel.  43% more revenue for a investor group just by restructuring their capital and long term holding strategies, plus dozens more. And we learned just as much from our losers, too.
  • We over-communicated. Clients hear from us a lot, often times daily.
  • We never stopped starting. Every deal gives us an opportunity to try something new and to learn something new from it. Never stop trying new ideas and never stop learning – its part of the process.
  • Last but not least – Follow through on your agreements. Integrity is the life blood of this business.


pic2So what’s next?

We know this is just the beginning, and we’re not going anywhere until we see every investor experiencing success.

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