Raise Capital “The Wall Street Way”

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Attention Real Estate Buyers & Investors:

As you get better at your craft, shouldn’t your cost of capital come down? And as your cost of capital comes down, guess who gets to keep the extra money you don’t spend on interest and profit sharing?

Early stage real estate investors are lucky to put two nickels together to make a deal happen. But as you get better at executing transactions, pushing through the roadblocks, you become more expert in your real estate business. To fuel your growth, you might solicit private money, hard money, and family money. You might even assemble joint venture deals between a few people.

As someone who’s been on the money-side of real estate for years, I know you did what you had to do to get your real estate business started. But what happens once you have something to lose, and you start building some equity in your deals? What happens once you start making more money on your transactions? You must manage your deals correctly so you are legally protected, and to get paid appropriately for your work. And FYI, JVs generally don’t work.

One of the mistakes earlier stage investors make is taking too much compensation on the back end – instead of spreading fees and profits across the life of the deal like the pros. Beginners brag about 50/50 arrangements but a better structure, the Wall Street way, draws fees on the front-end, some in the middle and lots of participation on the back end of the deal.

getpaid-imageMy winning formula pays you for two different things.

1. You should be paid for your time; and

2. You should be paid for being smart.

Most people only get paid for being smart and picking great deals. They don’t get paid along the way for their time so they have to wait to get their money. While waiting, they live close to the edge financially and do what they need to do to make ends meet. After collecting their “smart money pay day”, they must reimburse themselves and payoff loans they needed to survive. This is not a wealth building formula.

If you’re doing deals, you must be sharp about real estate matters. Now follow my lead and I will help you be smart in both the real estate and the money.

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Enter My World

Do you want to know how Wall Street handles the money?

Twice a year, we host the standard-setting Syndication and Hedge Fund Symposium where we open the curtain on “The Wall Street Way” to raise capital and how to structure your transactions. Spoiler Alert: they don’t do it your way.

We only accept 50 participants worldwide and we are very selective about who we include. Only the brightest and most experienced real estate investors can appreciate and implement the strategies we present, so to make the cut and join the program, you MUST meet one of the following three criteria:

1. You are a real estate professional, licensed in some state; or

2. You are a financial or intermediarytype person, such as a CPA, attorney, financial advisor, mortgage broker, banker, or lender; or

3. You have deep, documentable expertise in some asset class.

themoney-imageWhy do we impose these criteria?

1. Beginners would slow us down. It takes a strong background to understand the examples. Like other attendees, you will find yourself saying, “I always wondered how to solve that problem”!

2. Novices would dilute the networking. An enormous amount of deal making takes place between the attendees. And,

3. Beginners will not succeed in raising capital. Investors are funny; they don’t want you to practice with their money. There is a reason doctors practice on cadavers. It’s the same in the money business. This is not for beginners.

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Watch Out For Imitators

A few guys try to imitate our Syndication and Hedge Fund Symposium, but do not be fooled. I’m a full time syndicator and have been in the venture capital, real estate syndication, and hedge fund businesses for over 30 years. I have been successful in those businesses, and it is that experience I will share with you.

If a course offers you free software to analyze deals, don’t bother, because if you need their software to analyze deals, then you don’t have the fundamentals under control.

If an imitator offers you free legal templates, forget that too. If you think getting some free syndication paperwork will help you, think again. The value of the documents is in your opportunity to create them. You must dictate the terms of the deal to be in control, exactly the way you want to be. Your Operating Agreement gives you control and your Private Placement is insurance and legal protection. Our Symposium presents the exact terms you need to control your deals.

backend-imageIf you want free software and templates, please take another program because I don’t want you dragging down my batting average. We don’t cater to beginners. We don’t sell dreams and unrealistic outcomes.

Our program has spawned over 45 funds and 125 project-based syndications. Our alumni who run those deals are succeeding because they followed our lead after coming ready to go to the next level.

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Are You Ready to Go to the Next Level?

Qualified deal makers will emerge as elite deal sponsors.

The money is not in the real estate. Instead, the money is in the money. Once you learn how to control the money, you can do all the real estate deals you want. You might think you are in the real estate business but I will put you in the money business. Then your life will change forever.

If you are interested, do not delay. Seats sell quickly, and once full, applicants must wait until the next time we offer a Symposium. If you are unsure, do yourself a favor and book a time on my calendar for a private one on one conversation.

By the way, this is not a carnival program with speakers selling you books, tapes, magazines and souvenirs. There is no selling of any kind. It’s all stuff and no fluff. No clowns here!

bringyour-imageBonus: Upon completion of our rigorous program and taking the steps we’ll show you, you will receive an exclusive invitation into the InvestorValet CrowdFunding Company. It is a capital raising engine for the exclusive use of professional, full-time deal makers. As a member, you can raise capital for your transactions easier and faster than ever before so you can do more deals and make more money.

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of our professional deal making alumni?

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Join with Me and “Maximize” Your Real Estate Investment Revenue at:

The Syndication and Hedge Fund Symposium #16

October 22 to 25, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

What if someone could show you how to leverage your real estate knowledge and get others to happily put up the money to build your real estate empire?

That’s exactly what I’ll be doing at our next live event. This symposium is designed to teach professionals just like yourself advanced hands-on strategies and specific techniques – in order to leverage your knowledge and other people’s money to maximize your revenue through real estate syndication.

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21430052_10159246309505557_180044920987973016_nJoel G. Block is widely renowned and respected throughout the real estate community as a “Financial Transactions and Deal Making Specialist.” In 1987, this founding member and guiding visionary of the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC, took his initial step along the real estate syndication path, as he and a colleague successfully raised nearly $4 million dollars. That initial capital was turned into $20 million dollars in real estate holdings, generating returns for their investors of 18% per year for the full four years during which they managed the money.

As a licensed real estate broker since 1985, Joel has an extensive understanding of finance and accounting. He earned degrees in both of these fields from California State University Northridge, and spent eight years as a licensed CPA. In 1987, Joel co-founded his own real estate syndication, property management and brokerage firm which grew to 40 employees that managed a fee-based real estate portfolio consisting of more than 600 apartment units, commercial properties and land development projects with cumulative market value in excess of $100 million dollars. The $20 million of syndicated projects were part of this portfolio.

Joel’s CPA experience started in 1985 at the prestigious accounting firm PriceWaterhouse immediately following college. It was there he learned the syndication business, through total immersion and hands-on experience. Joel worked on the tax returns of more than 500 limited partnerships real estate syndications. While he wasn’t exactly thrilled to do the tax work, he was instantly fascinated by what he learned from reading through the partnership agreements.

In 1990, Joel co-developed a new media technology that he and an associate called Financial Fax, which he used to deliver personalized stock quotes to investors by fax. This drew lots of industry attention and interviews in the largest, most prestigious magazines, newspapers and industry trade publications such as Advertising Age and Editor & Publisher.

After raising more than $10 million dollars to start that endeavor, Joel successfully negotiated with one of the largest brokerage firms on Wall Street to buy the marketing rights for the technology throughout the United States. Over time, he also secured contracts from 35 of the nation’s largest newspapers and radio stations to promote the new service on a revenue-share basis, generating thousands of subscribers, not only in the United States but internationally as well.

The company was eventually sold to a Fortune 500 company in 1995. The exposure to corporate America and management at the highest levels provided Joel with insights and experience that proved to be invaluable in developing expertise in the combined art and science of effective negotiation, communication and cooperation. In 1996, he purchased a sports publishing company that focused its coverage on the PGA and NFL, where Joel became a hands-on expert in the complex game of sales, advertising, marketing, promotions and sponsorships during the three years that he owned and managed that company.

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