Restored Resources Creates Value, Reduces Maintenance for Apartment Owners

Posted on Dec 14 2015 - 10:55pm by Lance Edwards

11866397_921951077863264_6942158136081429761_nRestored Resources creates value for owners.
Restored Resources reduces work orders for maintenance teams.
We transform 60 bathrooms a day to be ULTRA High efficiency units.

We improved the value of an over 2000 unit portfolio by over $7.5 million.

The question we hear most often – “How soon can you do the rest of our portfolio?” Over 80% of our business is from existing clients.

How many times have you discussed how to improve revenue per unit? NOI increases your property’s value by a factor of 12. Restored Resources clients enjoy an extra $19 per unit per month. In 3 years and over 30,000 bathrooms we have improved the NOI of our customers by over $380,000 per month. We replaced over 2500 toilets for Scotia Group (in Tucson) and they are now saving over $55,000/month increasing the portfolio value by $7.5 million.

Let’s work together to save Trillions of gallons of water.….. AND increase your revenue.

How many units do you manage? How much would $19 per unit per month change your budget?

Communities can save over 50% in water and sewage cost by replacing their old fixtures. Restored Resources strives to provide excellent products and fast
paced, professional installation. Products and service that are proven to withstand the ever changing conditions that come with multi-family dwellings.

By working with minimal products and sticking by what we know are the best products in the industry for multi family properties. We can keep our overhead
low and have gained a great amount of knowledge of the products we install. Our team has years of experience in the industry and have installed over 30,000 High Efficiency Toilets all over the United States.

Restored Resources is committed to reducing the worlds water usage by installing the latest in quality water conserving and energy saving products. Using Dedication, Conservation, Installation our customers and communities are able to see the fastest returns with the highest quality services. Restored Resources
emphasis on highly trained and highly valued employees enables us to exceed all expectations. 

Restored Resources uses the best in quality products to ensure reliability for years to come.

All products are backed with a 10 year warranty.

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