Right Flipping Now by Jason Lucchesi

Posted on Jun 15 2017 - 10:16am by Lance Edwards

bookfront2At a young age, I was written off by my teachers, told I’d never amount to much, voted least likely to succeed, and laughed at by family members for wanting to pursue my passions. To say I had early setbacks and failures is an understatement.

But growing up fast helped me gain the valuable skills to make six-figures annually in the mortgage industry when I was only in my twenties. With no prior experience and no college degree, I became a top producer, rose to the peak, then had it all ripped out from under me in the crash of 2008. It was simply another failure plunging me back to rock bottom.

The moment I learned about flipping houses everything changed.

It was all I wanted to do. I knew it would give me freedom. I just had to work for it. I didn’t want a corporate nine to five job anymore. I wanted my life on my terms. I didn’t want a jerk of a boss telling me what to do.

Today, I am my OWN boss and I’ve since partnered on over $225M worth of transactions.


About The Author

familyJason Lucchesi is a real estate investor from the Indianapolis, IN area.

Jason’s been in the real estate and mortgage business since 2002. He got out of the J.O.B. world back in 2008 to pursue his dream of becoming a full time real estate investor.

Since 2009 Jason’s primary business was investing in short sale opportunities and has been involved in 151 closed short sales to where he either bought them or negotiated the short sales for other investors to where he gained a profit.

Jason Lucchesi, as of recent, in late 2010 he began investing in distressed notes and over the course of 12 months he’s closed a little over 60 note deals



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Jason Lucchesi, Real Estate Investor
Twitter: @JasonLucchesi
About: Jason is a No. 1 Bestselling Author, Real Estate Investor, and Serial Entrepreneur.

Most effective online marketing channel: I like to use Facebook. Why? It’s one of the most active social networking platforms on the planet. I can use the platform to my advantage through groups, business pages, and my personal page. I’m able to connect with clients through Facebook messenger. The majority of my traffic is organic. It comes from content marketing I do through posts, videos, blog articles, and creating posts within several dozen of groups.

If he had extra marketing dollars to spend: The best way to get yourself noticed is through creating authority as the go-to person within the market you’re targeting. Best avenues for becoming noticed as the authority is creating videos. Use all of the video platforms for maximum distribution. It’s all about giving your clients and prospects confidence in what you can deliver. Talk about everything and anything as often as possible.