How to Get Your First Check, Step by Step

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Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand

Several of my students have asked me to lay out the steps required to get your first check with a detailed description of each. That’s exactly what you’ll get, but it’ll take several articles to get it done. You may want to copy these lessons and build your own manual as we go.

Here are the steps all in one place to do a simple ACTS or sandwich lease-option deal, which is the fastest way to get a check for $5,000 or more.

Ok, here we go…

Buying Steps

Step 1 – Locate Prospects
We’ll discuss using my property information sheet correctly and calling FSBO ads. That’s all you need to do and not many of them, and the cost is zero. Do you like your operating cost so far?

Step 2 – Prescreen Prospects
This becomes easy with my new property information sheet since it does it for you. And, that combined with the follow-up script of questions to ask when you get the right answers on the sheet prescreens your prospects.

Step 3 – Construct and Present Offers
You’ll see how your offers fall into place when the seller has given you the right information. For the most part, they are making offers to you.

Step 4 – Follow Up
This is where we get it in writing and take control and also make sure our prescreened prospects from last week or last month don’t get away.

Step 5 – Close Quickly
Once you complete step four, you have closed quickly on the buying side because you have a signed contract. That’s all there is to closing a lease-option purchase.

Your total cost to complete these steps is zero.

Selling Steps

Step 1 – Locate Prospects
Now we must get buyers calling us, and it will be done with free ads and signs.

Step 2 – Prescreen Prospects
Yes, I know these steps are looking familiar. That’s because they are for buying and selling in any business. You’ll see how to quickly weed out the good prospects, whack the junk and put it on autopilot.

Step 3 – Construct and Present Offers
Once we know what interested buyers have to work with, we’ll let them tell us the most they can pay down and per month in the case of a sandwich lease. They’ll construct and present offers to you.

Step 4 – Follow up
Time to meet the prescreened buyers, get a deposit and a few facts straight so we can set up the closing with your attorney a couple days later and get the rest of your check.

Step 5 – Close Quickly
Your attorney will get your money, keep you legal and do the paperwork. Once the meeting is over in step four, your job is to examine the documents and get a check.

Step 6 – Celebrate and Do it Again!
Yep, this one will require some discussion as well.

Step 7 – Get it automated
Now, let’s get almost all the work off you and onto some inexpensive help called Virtual Assistants so you can do more deals with less work and turn this into a real business and six-figure income.

Your first check is the most important one you’ll ever get. It’s the difference between staying in the business or getting sucked out by dream stealers. It’s the turning point in your career, and the sooner you get one the better chance you have of surviving.

We call it the shut-up check. When dream stealers come at you, hold up a copy and say, “Shut-up and go away.” Once you have proof, not just talk, you’ll see your confidence skyrocket and the negative input dwindle to none. Get a few checks and no one can stop you.

You’ll need very little money to take the first check journey with me. In fact, you can do it without spending a dime if we exclude things like gas, copies, internet access and cellphones, which you’re paying for anyway.

Your credit is irrelevant. You’ll never use it, no one will ask. There are no applications or credit checks on you so your past is not an excuse. You don’t even have to be a citizen to do this, so kill all the worthless excuses. None will work with this old dog.

Excuses are for Losers. Winners Get Checks.

You’ll need a few things to get started, but no big deal. Here’s a list:

  • Cellphone
  • My property information sheet
  • A lease-option agreement

Now, we can’t give you a cellphone but I have made my forms publically available just for you. Download them here:

That’s it! All you need to get your first deal under contract except some training and scripts.

Stick with us as we keep learning over the next several articles!