Mindset: Reaching Inside for What’s Already There

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scottginsberg-approachableleaderwebBY SCOTT GINSBERG (MyNameisBlog.com) — I judge people by their vocabulary.

I believe we are revealed in the language we create for ourselves, especially when we write.

I once got an email from a high school student who struggled with shyness, lack of confidence, fear of rejection and inability to be taken seriously. What’s interesting was, her email didn’t read like an struggling teenager. He words were written clearly, eloquently and respectfully. Could have fooled me.

And so, I replied to her email with two thoughts: First, I told her, every teenager on the planet is going through the same struggle. You’re not alone. And second, I told her, the fact that you are astute enough to notice these feelings, articulate enough to communicate them, and brave enough to share them with a total stranger, makes you light years ahead of ninety percent of every other teenager on the planet. Consider yourself taken seriously.


I trust she realized the great irony of life. That everything we’re reaching for is already inside of ourselves. That whatever we want to accomplish, what we already have and who we already are is enough to get started. It’s simply a matter of announcing to ourselves that we possess sufficient resources to achieve our goals and trusting in the availability of those assets.

There are no guarantees, unfortunately, but those resources are at our disposal to increase the probability of success.


What would be different in your life if you realized that the door must be opened from the inside?


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