Texas RE Investors Find ‘Priceless’ Help at Dallas REIG

Posted on Apr 27 2016 - 10:25pm by Lance Edwards

Joe Boston

For Dallas real estate investors, there isn’t a meeting quite as important as that of the Dallas Real Estate Investment Group.

Joe Boston leads the group and says entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their RE business to the next level are found at the REIG.

“We can help investors become better connected to industry leaders,” Boston says, adding, “Plus, we have resources that are critical to their real estate investing success.”

From REIG’s ‘flavor of the month’ presentations and classes are designed to deliver powerful and relevant information for the real estate professional, Boston says.

“These strategies presented at the REIG work in today’s real estate environment. They really will drive your profits through the roof!” Boston exclaimed.

image003 (1)The REIG meets weekly, and features activities by dynamic speakers in the Dallas area. Plus, the group offers an exceptional website at DallasREIG.com with a wealth of information for RE entrepreneurs.

“The best part of the REIG,” Boston says, “is that we believe in making education affordable for all. But what you will find at our group is priceless.”

The group, which was founded in June 2010, meets every Saturday from 11am to 2pm. The meeting is held at 717 East Border Street, in Arlington.