The Best Funding Sources for Any Multifamily, Investing Scenario

Posted on Apr 24 2016 - 9:03pm by Lance Edwards

cc-logo-04As every real estate investor knows, finding a good source of financing can be nearly impossible, let alone the right source of capital.

Finally, someone has actually cracked the code and solved the one problem that literally every real estate investor has. Before I tell you exactly how, I’d like to introduce you to the creator of this revolutionary idea.

Meet Lane O’Bryon. Lane has been a top producer in the lending industry for over 15 years and he personally has successfully closed over 1200 transactions!
In 2009, he was invited to become a coach and mentor of the national program known as the Direct Lender Alliance. He conducted several years of weekly training webinars to hundreds of students nationwide.

During this time, he began to see how difficult and universal the problem of finding the right source of capital really was for so many investors. It was then that he decided to make it his mission to solve this problem and he has devoted three years developing the system that you’re about to see.

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He has successfully coached hundreds of students and is known as a straight forward, no BS kind of guy that is only interested in results, NOT hype.

As most investors know, the main reason everyone seems to have so much trouble finding the right source for their deal is the meltdown in 2007. The lending space is very dynamic, actually it’s downright chaotic.

Lane has discovered that most borrowers, and even most professional loan brokers simply do not have the resources and manpower required to stay up with this ever-changing marketplace.

Really, our options are actually quite limited:

Your Bank? Well, you know the answer there.
Your Mortgage Broker? Maybe, but they can be expensive, and again, unfortunately most of them have limited resources and therefore sources as well.
The Internet? Good luck…Pretty much the cause of the chaos!
Your local private hard money loan shark?

Lane knew that there HAD to be a better way, and now there finally is… and it IS the real thing!

In a nutshell, Lane’s business model is to be your source of funding sources. The system that he and his team have created is essentially like a for investors and lenders.

Now, this is not like ANYTHING else you may have seen or will find in the market (like some of those sites that tout that they have hundreds of sources).

As a subscriber, you simply go into your online portal and enter some basic parameters on the deal that you want to finance.

The “Smart” Filter will then match you up directly with the BEST possible SOURCE(S) considering factors such as the type of real estate, how much you want to put down, what state you are in, credit score and a few other questions.

Now, these aren’t just any sources by the way. These are the cream of the crop national and regional lenders that have all been carefully vetted personally by Lane and his team. They are the very sources they use and have used for years for their thriving business. Many are often very difficult to find and virtually unknown by the public at large!

They maintain close relationships with all of their sources and their subscribers receive preferential treatment because of these well nurtured relationships!
And finally, and this is one is very important to understand, Lane’s team are 100% focused on “Sourcing the Sources” and bringing the best of what they find right to your fingertips!

That is what makes this system so special and so different from anything you’ll find out there anywhere!

So, you can now stop wasting time trying to find the right source and save thousands of dollars on brokers and expensive loan sharks. You are getting introduced to the best possible source via a system that has essentially prequalified your deal with them.

Some of the best news of all (and why we wanted to run this the minute we found out about it) is that one of their specialty areas is, you guessed it… MULTIFAMILY FINANCING!

Lane has been kind enough to record a special short and to the point video exclusively for my readers where he gives real world examples and that will show you in detail how comprehensive their options are for:

Multifamily- Any SIZE, Any Credit, Construction, Rehab, Long Term! BEST RATES/TERMS Options you will find anywhere BAR NONE!

Investment Property 1-4 Units: Any SIZE, Any Credit, Construction, Rehab, Long Term!


Long Term Blanket Loan with LOW RATES!

Very Aggressive Developer Loans!

Private Equity for almost any Real Estate Class!

HIGH LEVERAGE Ground up Construction

Small Balance Commercial for any REAL ESTATE CLASS!


Again, if you or anyone you know has a need for the best sources of capital you will NEVER find, you will want to watch this special video presentation.

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Oh, and finally as a special thank you gift just for watching the video, he’ll send you out a FREE copy of one of his most popular trainings on how to get 100% financing on almost ANY REAL ESTATE PURCHASE! Enjoy!