The Cloud is Not Enough for Business Data Backups

Posted on Feb 9 2015 - 6:32am by 2!xMyNQ#FV8h4U

BY MAC JOGNANDERSON (Via EzineArticles) – Sometimes, business owners see ways to protect sensitive data as “one-size” solutions. But, the real truth is that clouds may not be the best way to keep data safe and it won’t allow a professional to recover data from a hard drive if it is only saved in a cloud. What are the best solution for your large or small business, even if you may need to recover data from an external hard drive or need recovery services in the area?

Here is a look at some of the reasons why business owners need to consider carefully their data storage options before spending thousands on a Raid system or opting to use Raid software instead of Raid hardware. If a business is considering a cloud, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to data storage, before you need to recover data from a hard drive and have trouble retrieving information from a cloud.

Know your data – Is it best to back up your data on a USB drive and also have a Raid system to protect sensitive information? How important is the data to business operations. This may help determine how much security your company needs, and if they need a data recovery solution where they can recover records quickly from an external hard drive.

Don’t store redundant data – Many companies will store redundant data and this will eats up space on a hard drive. It may cause problems if a professional must recover data from a hard drive because much of the Information are redundant. Thanks to disks being cheaper, many companies store much more information than they need to. Companies need to be selective in what they store. The same can also be said in what data are retrieved using data recovery services in the area.

Make sure you can find data – Once data is saved, have a plan for finding your data. If you cannot find your Information, you may have to pay unnecessary fees for data recovery services in the regional area. Clouds don’t necessarily let you know where your company data is. This also makes it hard to plan how safe your data is.

Use companies that use reduplication, snapshot, and cloning – These technologies may it easier to restore Information if you ever need to recover data from a hard drive or recover data from an external hard drive.

Make sure data are secure – Some business heads think clouds are non-taxable, but this isn’t true. One way to make sure your company data are safe is to have it backed up on multiple sources and also have off-site backups. This prevents the possibility that a Raid system may completely fail and all Information are lost. However, in the event records is lost, professionals may be able to use data recovery services in the area to retrieve the most sensitive of information more than 80 percent of the time.