The Easy Way to Learn How to Buy Mortgage Notes

Posted on Mar 16 2016 - 8:03pm by Lance Edwards

12801272_10208912848236045_137426311314703174_nHow would you like to get your hands on your very own Note Buying Cash Machine?

Amed N. Hazel, Sr., is the owner of Premier Capital Investment fund. This is a note fund that is exclusive to accredited investors. But Amed will be creating other funds for the benefit of non accredited investors and those investors looking to place investments in crowd funding.

“Any successful real estate investment strategy will include evaluation and management of risk,” says Hazel. “Though great potential for profit exists in real estate investments, not every real estate investment is worth the associated risk. So we work avidly to find the most lucrative investment, and work proficiently to gain the best returns for our investors.”

When Hazel started in investing in distressed mortgages, he decided that his mission was to turn a profit without it being at the cost of some unfortunate homeowner that fell on hard times. He began to seek win-win-win opportunities. He and his team now invest in distressed real estate debt nationwide both residential and commercial.

For his investors, Hazel says they offer solid returns with an opportunity to split quarterly profits. With his comapny, your not just an account number but a partner that has direct access to decision makers.

In 2012, he launched an online training platform to educate real estate professional in distressed debt in an effort to help more homeowners.

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What Hazel’s team does:
• Real Estate Investment Fund Manager
Work with Accredited Investors
Manage distressed residential assets.
• Maximize total return for each assigned asset.
• Identify opportunities and variable resolutions on distressed assets.
• Perform due diligence of real property collateral and establish asset value.
• Negotiate sales with prospective buyers and conclude sales transactions.
* Help investors build their personal portfolio’s
• Liquidate company assets via Short Sale, REO Sale, Refinance,
Reverse Mortgage, and Note Sale.
• Review all REO assets for potential refurbishment, scope of work, and pricing.
• Knowledge of Eviction, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy processes and terminology.
• Educate hundreds of Residential Note Investors.

All identification of property, due diligence, and underwriting of Assets will be done by Premier Capital for the benefit of the Fund. The Manager may subcontract some due diligence functions to third parties (e.g., appraisers, inspectors, subcontractors, real estate brokers, real estate agents, BPO agents, etc.) for the benefit of the Fund.”

Hazel also coaches investors on the non-performing note business, hosts an international podcast, and is author of “Note Buying Cash Machine.”