The New Wave of Entrepreneurship

Posted on Feb 7 2017 - 7:10pm by Lance Edwards




In the wave of Entrepreneurship…many individuals are jumping ship out of jobs and jumping onto the road of being an entrepreneur.

My view in life is that LIFE IS A BIG GAME of Entrepreneurship…I love seeing the new desire for being an entrepreneur and JUMPING onto the ship.

However, since my years of being an ‘entrepreneur’ – not always successfully – there is a difference between the Wanna-Be’s and the DIE HARDS.

DIEHARDS = The individuals that will do ANYTHING to stay out of the hands of the w-2 paycheck.  I am a DIEHARD, now…but before that I just heard…


Look, I get it. I am 100% unemployable. No kidding.

I have never really quit a job. I was fired. NO LIE!  5 jobs, was the last count.

Even at the ‘height’ of my corporate career.  My FIRST big Corporate job, I was there for a long 4 years.  I remember the month I got fired.  It was days after the BIG PRESIDENT of the Fortune 500 company flew out me and 100 other sales reps – to honor us each with an award.

We were the best of the best! Out of 10,000 reps across North America we were the Top 1% in Sales for the year – The Inner Circle.  I was there with co-workers from big cities like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles…etc.  Me?  I was from the small city of Fort Worth, Texas.

Let me be clear, I was NOT from Dallas.  Dallas was considered another market. In the view of the ‘company’ Fort Worth was the small ‘other’ territory.

How did a young 25 year old woman with zero sales experience, from a small market be at the BIG BOYS TABLE and BEAT the Old School Boys at their own game in a smaller territory??

They were Pissed, I was Clueless…

Days after I got this lovely award…My BOSS, Mary, fired me.
Well, she gave me the – we are giving you an ‘opportunity to resign’ speech.
This was my big blow. The blow to my life that changed my entire direction.


Why was it THE BIG blow?

I was told by parents, career guidance counselors, TV, Movies…

If you are SMART, OBEY, MAKE MONEY FOR THE are then an asset. They will REWARD you for these results.



So, after I got fired from my FIRST big corporate job, which was my first SIGN from the heavens that I was ‘unemployable’,

Being Unemployable

HOWEVER, I didn’t listen to the heavens.  I went back in with a determination to PROVE my worthiness to get a BIG corporate paycheck (like that meant something).  I was certain that THEY were wrong and would truly REGRET pushing me out.
Like a break up with a boyfriend, I wanted that company to WANT me back.  I wanted to PROVE to them that they made a mistake.  HAHAHAH!!!!
The joke was soon on me….
I am not going to bore you with the ups and downs and slaps the heavens gave me for years after that.
BUT, I will say it was my fault. I did NOT listen to the heavens the very very FIRST time.

I now can say it with truth and conviction. I am 100% unemployable. 

It is a BADGE I wear with honor.

Inside the corporate structure, I DIE!
I wither away.

I get to Color Outside the Lines

Inside the entrepreneurship world, the FREEDOM of CREATING my day, my life, my projects…I am like a little kid who finally gets to color outside of those stupid lines in the coloring book.

It supplies me Oxygen.

However, there are these moments.  The moments when I am working until 2 am. All day Saturday / Sunday…when I wish for all of the BIG Corporate days off, Holidays, Sick Days, and being able to ‘leave work at work’ days.

AND of course, the consistent, reliable pay check. Like Clockwork.  No matter the market, the time of year..that check is deposited.  WOW!  I miss those days…

But, then reality sets in and I see that to me a BIG COMPANY  is a prison.

What I find so interesting, as a business coach myself, is that I will get on the phone with a prospect for coaching and we begin to go through the process…to see if they are ready for a business coach like myself.

The most important part I DO NOT TOLERATE is the statement “Will you do it for me?” Or “That sounds hard.”


As a TRUE entrepreneur.  A BOOTSTRAP Entrepreneur, you will have to do things, that you are not ‘good’ at. NOR WANT to do.

Yes, the book “The Secret” has preached that you can think about it and it will appear.  In addition, it councils that going after Your Passion is a fast way to be rich.

This is BS!

Being an entrepreneur sometimes does cross into your passion.  However, the reality of entrepreneurship is that it is not for the faint of heart or the lazy person.  Entrepreneurship is the ability to create an idea / product / service. Then be able to sell it to the market.  (Hopefully for a profit)  In the WORLD of Entrepreneurship, most think the idea / product / service has to be “NEW” or “UNIQUE”.

Again, NOT TRUE!

Entrepreneurship is the ability to make money.

Ask a local Chiropractor, Dentist, Coffee House Owner, what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s world.
Your job as an entrepreneur is to look for the opportunities, to be resourceful, to connect the dots, to be a leader, the creator…

Entrepreneurship does not have a career is a mountain.

A mountain that you must learn to climb, fall, climb, cross and then climb again. It is a perpetual mountain.  A beautiful mountain.  A place that you get to see and view sunsets and sunrises, this is beauty that most people in the world will never get to see.

Look, I don’t mean to get so esoteric on you. So, I won’t.

I will be BLUNT in my #SEXYBOSS way….

Entrepreneurship is challenging.  It is a Journey.
If you are NOT up for the personal Journey…then…

KEEP YOUR CUSHY JOB!  Someone has to fill the cubicles.

Be You! Be REAL! Be the BOSS of your LIFE!

Heather Havenwood