The Off Wall Street Asset Workshop

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The Off Wall Street Asset Workshop Is Hosted By:

5-Time New York Times Bestselling Author Loral Langemeier & Her Expert Wealth Team

Come See Loral Live At An Upcoming Wall Street Asset Event Near You!

Edmonton, Alberta – January 11, 2018

Red Deer, Alberta – January 12, 2018

Calgary, Alberta – January 13, 2018

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From Loral:
I’m so passionate about money because most people lead it wrong.

When it comes to money, most people focus solely on income and expenses. Whether their money is coming from a job or an entrepreneurial venture, there’s no plan in place for consistent wealth-building.

The problem with this focus is that without a specific, strategic and long-term wealth-building plan, (including a corporate business structure and allocation of money into wealth-cycle investments), building wealth just won’t happen.

And that’s why you’re here – to get high-level education and training on wealth strategies that have been used by millionaires before you, millionaires now, and millionaires to come.

Being a millionaire is not a luck of the draw – it truly just takes a system and people who can guide you there. My team and I look forward to helping you grow in your financial journey.

Being Wealthy Isn’t Luck…

Most people fail to realize that wealth has nothing to do with luck.

It’s not manifested, it’s not prayed for and wishing really, really hard for it won’t bring it to you.

Maybe you can luck your way into a big lottery or a massive inheritance, but those are temporary riches.

Being rich and being wealthy are two entirely different things.

We’re talking about generation-changing, family-shifting, revolutionary wealth.

The kind the Walton, the Buffet and the Rockefeller families have created.

These types of wealth were built by proven, foolproof systems – and that’s exactly what the Live Out Loud team teaches.

We Teach You Our Millionaire Maker System – Fortified By The Millionaire Infinity Matrix

Our Millionaire Maker System starts with you MAKING money – which you’re already doing.

Either through your business, your investments or your job. You’re already making money, so you’ve got a good start.

The next step is to learn how to KEEP MORE OF YOUR MONEY through entity and tax strategies.

There are thousands upon thousands of pages of tax code which you can use to your benefit and minimize your taxes. Anything and everything from paying yourself a minimum wage through your LLC to creating a LLC for every property you own.

Step 3 is to learn how to INVEST YOUR MONEY.

Some of you are investing already, which is great, but you’re investing in mainstream outlets – i.e., Wall Street.

Wall Street – like any other investment market – has high risk associated with it.

Our team introduces you to Off Wall Street investment opportunities such as:

• Gas & Oil
• Real Estate
• Securities
• Promissory Notes
• Precious Metals
• Franchises
• And Sooooo Many More

Investment opportunities like these are how Loral and her wealth team have amassed millions in high-return investments.

The 4th and final step is to LEAD YOUR TEAM.

Once you get the systems in place, your task is to build a team to help you keep going, help you expand, and do the leg work for you.