The Perfect Storm is Happening Right Now (Don’t Get Left Behind)

Posted on Sep 14 2015 - 10:55pm by Lance Edwards

Benjamin-Franklin-100-BillBY LEE ARNOLD— Many people don’t realize that a perfect storm is brewing. Real estate investing is back and investors are making a killing! More and more people are choosing to invest in real property every day. Not everybody loves the idea of rehabbing, flipping or flipping, however, especially when it involves hammers and nail.

In fact, many savvy investors are doing it without touching the property at all. It’s called Private Money Lending and more and more people are finding out that it yields stronger returns on a much more rewarding platform the stock or bond markets combined.

What does this mean for you? It means an uncapped source of cash for all your deals!

The Demand: Real Estate Investing

According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate investors’ contribution to the economy is huge— the impact is well over a $100 Billion! Access to financing is a critical issue for most investors. Conventional lenders, however, have limits on the amount and how often they will lend to a single investor. This is regardless of their credit history, property values, or track record.

The Supply: Private Money

Peer-to-peer lending or private lending is shifting into the real estate loan arena! According to data from Prequin, the total value of assets under management by private equity real estate funds in the U.S. recently reached an all-time high of $335 Billion.

The fact is that private equity has taken over a substantial share of investor financing that banks are no longer willing to do. And Cogo Capital, The Private Money Company is at the forefront of this demand by offering real estate investors funding, and in some cases 100% financing! To see how this is possible we’re offering Lance’s students FREE access to our eBook and video training, 7 Steps to the No Money Down Deal: 100% Financing in Today’s Market to see the 7 ways 100% financing is possible in today’s (or any) market.

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What Does Private Money Allow You To Do and Why are You a Huge Asset to These Lenders?

You may think that lenders make the rules because they hold all the money… but when you can find great, high equity deals consistently, you’re the one that holds the leverage within the Private Money industry. You’re the person supplying a constant pipeline of opportunity to these private lenders who are looking for no-brainer homerun deals.

Secondly, private money allows you:

Speed: The process is less strenuous and quicker through Cogo Capital because we lend on the property’s potential rather than the investor’s background and credit history.

Unlimited Access to Cash: There are as many Private Money Niche Lenders as there are niche investments. Cogo Capital has access to all these lender types and we’re ready to help you capitalize on these kinds of deals.

Creativity: Cogo Capital offers funding on great deals that banks just flat out shun. Sometimes you’ll find a promising investment property that needs repairs, which makes them unsuitable for most banks, but perfect for many of our private money lenders. We love and fund the ugliest house on the prettiest street, because unlike conventional lenders, we can see a property’s potential. By going through Cogo Capital, you open up more doors to opportunity and more avenues to make more money

Learn more about what Cogo Capital can do for you, how you can access our funding, and how you can leverage other people’s money (OPM) and never use another cent of your cash again. Grab our special Lance’s Students-Only ebook and video training, 7 Steps to the No Money Down Deal: 100% Financing in Today’s Market here: