What Real Estate Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Craig Biggio, Fans

Posted on Jan 6 2015 - 8:00pm by Brandon De Hoyos

The wait is finally over! For fans of the Houston Astros, the induction of seven-time All Star winner and former second baseman Craig Biggio to the Baseball Hall of Fame marks the realization of a dream long awaited by many in the Bayou City.

After failing to win induction on two previous ballots in 2013 and 2014, Biggio will join five-time Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson, three-time Cy Young winner Pedro Martinez, and pitcher John Smoltz, the Baseball Hall of Fame announced on Tuesday.

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As a Houstonian, his induction makes me proud but I also realized an important lesson real estate entrepreneurs should learn from Craig Biggio and his fans: the need for persistence.

Biggio, who ended a 20-year career with the Astros in 2007, was consistently favored by fans for induction. But, it took six long years to finally get the attention of Cooperstown, N.Y., where the Hall is located.

And yet, Biggio still fell short not once–but twice.

Yet, even before the clock tolled on a new year, the whispers began in earnest. Would this be Craig’s year? Can he do it? YES. Craig Biggio WILL be in the Hall of Fame this year.

Success in small apartments and multi-family properties is in many ways the same game, but with fewer players.The opportunity exists in this space to build wealth fast and to close deals even faster. But, it’s going to take some work… and you have to BELIEVE.

Instead of spending 40 long years working towards retirement, you can attain financial freedom for yourself in just five (if you are lazy!), according to Lance Edwards in his best-selling book, “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments.”

If you have always wanted to get into multi-family investments, but don’t know how, the course is simple:

  1. Get good guidance from people experienced in the field.
  2. Exercise due diligence to learn all you know about how to succeed in this business.
  3. Press in and visualize the lifestyle of your dreams falling into place.

Like Biggio and his fans, the power of a positive mindset–and an attitude that will not yield in the face of adversity–is what you need to achieve above and beyond what you could ever imagine for yourself in this business.

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