Wholesale Real Estate Contracts: Flip Houses Risk Free

Posted on Mar 23 2016 - 10:42pm by Lance Edwards

3ofusHi there! I’m Ben Clardy. I’ve been buying houses in the Atlanta market for over a decade now.

During that time, hundreds of local homeowners and their families have been given an opportunity to sell their homes ‘As-Is’ and for cash. They have been able to sell without hassles and to receive their cash in an extraordinarily short amount of time.

Selling a home yourself or through a realtor can be very time consuming and nerve-wracking. Having to keep your house in immaculate condition so that you can constantly show it to complete strangers that might not even have the ability to get a loan to buy your house can be a very aggravating concept. We offer you an alternative – sell now for cash.

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Instead of putting your house on the market and waiting weeks or even months for an interested buyer to come along, you have the option of selling right now. We work very hard to make sure you are completely satisfied, from the first time you come across this website, until we shake hands at the closing table.

Unlike Realtors, who want to sign contracts to list your house and hope it sells, we actually buy houses. The agreement we want to make is an agreement to actually buy your house fast, as-is, and for cash. Unlike so many others out there, we’re the real deal. We hear time and time again how much people appreciate that we are just “real people” helping folks out.

The reasons people have for selling their house quickly varies, but no matter the situation, we are here to help. Paying cash allows us to close on your house within a couple days if necessary. But, if you need some time to move out, or for whatever other reason, we can give you as long as you need. We value the relationships we’ve built in our community and work hard to make sure that we exceed your expectations. This is how we make a living and support our family. Nothing is more important than always doing the right thing.

If you have a house that you want to sell, or even if you just want to find out more about how we might be able to help you, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 706-963-0051.

Wholesale Real Estate Contracts: Flip Houses Risk Free

Gain immediate access to 7 Wholesale Real Estate contracts that I’ve developed over the last decade to turn houses into money.

This contract package will give you the ability to control Real Estate deals all the way to the closing table while also keeping you safe and risk-free.

12806165_957816900968319_3104959000771001253_nAre your current Real Estate contracts up to snuff?Do you worry about losing your Earnest Money deposits?

Can you EFFECTIVELY control deals with both Buyers AND Sellers?Are you scared of making offers for fear of making BIG mistakes?

These are just a few of the concerns and problems that can be alleviated by owning a purpose-built set of Real Estate contracts.

Now, having the contracts themselves is just half of the battle…Do you know how a contract actually works?

Do you understand the verbiage, and more importantly, WHY it’s there?

Within my course, I will slowly walk you through each and contract, line by line. This way you will truly understand why each line is there, why it’s important, and what it can do for you.

You see, everything is there for a reason. Whether it’s to help you get offers accepted, to control the deals, or to protect you from liability – everything has a purpose, and you’ll be a far more effective Investor by knowing the ins-and-outs of each contract.

You just don’t get this kind of hand-holding anywhere else. Where else are you going to get a full set of contracts that are proven, effective, and used DAILY to turn houses into money.

The answer is NOWHERE ELSE. This is the place.

Get the course now. Simply sign up, enroll, and you’ll gain instant access to all of the course material. If that’s not enough, you can take full advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.


PS: Here’s a quick story… When I first started off, it took me over a year and a half to even get my first house under contract. Yeah – it’s embarrassing to admit. Why did it take me so long? FEAR. I was scared of making a mistake that would result in a lawsuit. Simple as that. I conquered my fear by gaining an understanding in how contracts can protect me from liability. Once I realized that, and had contracts that I could use to control houses RISK FREE, I was off to the races and I’ve gone on to close more than 400 houses! I hope you can benefit from understanding Real Estate contracts as much as I did.

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