Would You Like to Double Your Rental Income? AMAZING REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITY

Posted on Jan 31 2018 - 7:33pm by Lance Edwards

18403081_1523123077706236_9045481766966564634_nThis is the single biggest real estate opportunity I’ve seen in the last 10 years. (Seriously!)

If you want to earn six-figures on Airbnb without owning or buying real estate…

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Duncan and Sue  will show you an untapped gold-mine of rental income secrets, ready to explode with profits once you know the simple secrets of high cash-flow rental properties.

What participants loved was how easy it is to earn big bucks without all the typical headaches.

Plus you don’t need to purchase any property. You don’t need a property manager. It really is very easy.

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To Your Success,

Duncan and Sue


  • No huge start-up costs
  • No employees
  • No loans, mortgages or debt
  • Consistent weekly cash flow
  • Fully mobile (phone/laptop)


Virtual Investing And Marketing

Home Study Course – Marketing & Promotional Materials


Dear Promoter,

If you conduct investing seminars, workshops or webinars then you know just how challenging it is to find FRESH and innovative wealth-building content for your members. That’s where I come in! Other speakers offer general marketing strategies but I go beyond that to actually teach your investors how to systematize and apply automation to that marketing. My marketing methods are proven, creative and cutting edge!

My topic, “How to Make A Fortune Buying and Selling Real Estate on the Internet” is exciting in and of itself but it’s my teaching which inspires, excites and motivates your audience to really get going on (or breathe new life into) their Real Estate Investing businesses.

I typically sell at least 10% of the audience. Among my recent accomplishments were record sales of 18 unit to 70 people at Portland REIA. I also sold 64 units to 250 people on a webinar which brought in $128K in less than 90 minutes.

I am fully endorsed by the National REIA. I’ve spoken twice at the Nat. REIA Technology Conference. I’ve been a Guest Speaker on two annual Cruises sponsored by National REIA within the past 6 years, as well. I’ve spoken at many other REIAs to include RICH Club ACRE Conference, AZ REIA, etc.

I have a long and successful track record conducting business in real estate. I not only teach my methods but actually implement them daily in my own RE Investing Business. Again, my teaching is content-rich and freshly different than what anyone else out there is teaching in today’s challenging Investing environment. I show your investors how to dominate their particular market. I show them how they too, can use creative and beneficial strategies, strategies that will make them stand out and above the crowd!

As you consider me for your next event please feel free to get more background information on my teaching style and what I offer. You can access all of my promotional materials on the right sidebar of this page. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to speaking, teaching and selling at your next event!