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Russ Whitney If you are reading this right now, you are probably in the middle of a crisis right now. Maybe you are coming out of a crisis, or chances...Continue reading »

By LEX LEVINRAD – If you are a new real estate investor looking to learn more about investing in foreclosures, bank owned properties and short sales then it is imperative that you understand that distressed real estate is very different to investing in “retail” residential real estate. The main difference is that investors have to pay cash to purchase distressed...Continue reading »

(VIA THE TOM BARNARD SHOW) — Real estate entrepreneur Lance Edwards, author of the No. 1 best-selling business book How to Make Big Money in Small...Continue reading »

Jay Conner, real estate investing leader Need the cash for your real estate deal, but don’t know where to get it? Don’t think you’ll qualify...Continue reading »

BY RUSSELL D. ARMSTRONG (Via EzineArticles) – Working from home as a stay at home dad is a way for you to spend quality time with your family while also generating a supplemental or even a full-time income with enough hard work, commitment and dedication. Choosing the best online job for you is possible with a bit of preparation and creativity when entering the...Continue reading »

With a half-a-mile high stack of business cards from all his failed ventures and false starts, it would be easy to dismiss Mitch Stephen’s entry into...Continue reading »

David Campbell BY DAVID CAMPBELL – REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT STRATEGIST – It is amazing how fast time goes.  2014 marked my fifteenth year investing in real estate and my tenth year as a real estate developer and syndicator.  Long time readers of my blog will know that I started investing in real estate while I was a high school band director with no business...Continue reading »

Tamera Aragon With the smell of cat urine penetrating the air, graffiti covering the walls and a world-worn homeowner looking on, Tamera Aragon peered...Continue reading »

When Scott Ginsberg decided not to toss a three-cent sticky nametag after a college seminar 15 years ago, he unknowingly discovered a wealth of information...Continue reading »

(Credit: Colin Brough/ Doug Van Buskirk found out very quickly that he did not want the life of an employee after working 12 hour days in his first...Continue reading »