Jay Conner: 40 Pounds for $500,000 in Private Money

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Jay Connor - Real Estate Investment Leader

Jay Conner, real estate investing leader

This month I’ve got quite the story to tell. Now, I’ve tried just about everything to lose that extra 40 pounds, so when I heard that a workshop was rolling through town that promised to help that extra tire or two disappear without hypnosis, exercise, or giving up my favorite foods, I was hooked! I told Carol Joy that I was going to yet ANOTHER weight loss seminar, she just rolled her eyes, put up her feet, and decided to stay in for the night.

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But, that Monday, at 7:00, I was down at the medical park pharmacy, eager to hear about the new potion, liquid, or powder that was guaranteed to change my life. To make a long story short, the seminar was interesting in that just a simple infusion of HCG (a pregnancy hormone to those in the know) would do the trick, and give me a restful 12 hours of sleep while I was at it.

Now, truth be told, the weight loss portion of my excursion was a bust, but there was one conversation that stuck in my mind. During the workshop, we had a breakout session where small groups of us all gathered round to discuss just how much we had done to try to rid ourselves of the pesky poundage.

While in one of the small groups, I met a fellow, let’s call him Jim, who left quite the impression. We’d never met before, but he looked very professional and we struck up a conversation in the small group. I knew he would be a good guy to get to know, so as we were leaving, I pulled him aside and said, “I’ve got a 16-minute CD I recorded and I think it’s something you’ll be interested in.”

We exchanged info, walked out to my car, and I handed him a copy of my CD, “Stress Free Investing: How to Print Money Automatically.” As I gave him the disc, I grinned and jokingly mentioned that, “By the way, it’s not multi-level marketing,” and that got a good chuckle out of him. “If it resonates with you,” I told him, “give me a call. I’ll check back with you in a couple of days.”

We waved goodbye and I figured that I would call him at the end of the week to see what he thought of it. On Thursday, Jim called me and there was just so much excitement in his voice. “I’ve listened to your CD three times already,” he gushed, “when can we get together and talk more about this?” We set a date for the following week, and he couldn’t wait to hear the specifics of the private lending program.

At the meeting, we went over all of the details of the system, covered the bases for how his investment would be secure, and by the end of our date, he’d become my next private lender of $500,000. So, what’s the moral of the story? For starters, it might be a good idea to have a copy of “Stress Free Investing” at the ready whenever you’re out and about! They do say that success is when opportunity and preparedness meet up and shake hands, but that’s only part of the equation, just as important is what you do with that CD.

I said next to nothing about what the CD actually discussed when I gave it over to Jim, other than assuring him that it had nothing to do with multi-level annoyances. Instead, I let the CD do the talking–just the way it was intended to. Even the CD doesn’t really sell up the program itself that much, instead, it really only explains what private lending is so those who are unfamiliar with the concept can get a personal introduction.

Trying to sell someone on the CD before they are even introduced to the idea is a kiss of death, instead, I stuck to the core philosophy at work when someone takes a listen to “Stress Free Investing.” Since the whole purpose of the CD isn’t to sell a prospect on the secret ins and outs of the program, talking it up is totally counterproductive.

Instead, play on the insatiable curiosity we all have, and let their greed glands swell until they just can’t wait to hear more about the system from you. So, here’s your Success Note for the day: less can be so much more when you have the right tools at hand!

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