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Sherry Essig By Sherry Essig (Via Ezine Articles) – You’re a masterful storyteller. Trust me, you are; it’s what we humans innately do. Our...Continue reading »

By Douglas H. Wise (Via EzineArticles) Being a frequent traveler many novice travelers come to me and ask that what is the best time to book a flight?...Continue reading »

BY SCOTT GINSBERG ( — I judge people by their vocabulary. I believe we are revealed in the language we create for ourselves, especially...Continue reading »

Russ Whitney If you are reading this right now, you are probably in the middle of a crisis right now. Maybe you are coming out of a crisis, or chances...Continue reading »

Peggy L. Farnsworth BY PEGGY L. FARNSWORTH (Via EzineArticles) – I recently had an experience that opened my eyes to the healthcare system. I have been fortunate to have good insurance coverage for the last 30 years. I am like many others, when the cost of care doesn’t impact my pocketbook; I am not a wise a consumer as I should be. We recently have had changes...Continue reading »

By GREG S. REID ( – One of the greatest single traits shared by men and women who have been successful in business—and in pursuit of their life goals—is persistence. I like to call that quality stickability, which the great Napoleon Hill, the father of the modern philosophy of success, recognized in these words: One reason why most men...Continue reading »

Managing Editor’s Note: When Julie Houston isn’t busy at First Cornerstone Group arranging interviews for Deals & Dollars Weekly and...Continue reading »

By MARILYN THORPE (Via EzineArticles) – Business owners, are you still thinking like an employee? Don’t take this as an invasive question. It is not unusual to digress to past-employee behavior even after several years of running your business. I call this the remnants of “employee thinking.” It is not unusual that after operating your business...Continue reading »

In my No.1 best-selling book, How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments, you can learn how to create a real estate business, but you also need to be concerned...Continue reading »

Struggling to rekindle the spark in your relationships? Try a little ZIP! BY CHRIS WIDENER – Relationships are really what makes the world go...Continue reading »