EXCLUSIVE: Pick Scott Ginsberg’s Brain

Posted on Feb 23 2015 - 2:00pm by 2!xMyNQ#FV8h4U

scottginsberg-approachableleaderwebWhen Scott Ginsberg decided not to toss a three-cent sticky nametag after a college seminar 15 years ago, he unknowingly discovered a wealth of information that has since attracted the leaders at a myriad of companies to his front door, including Disney, Nestle Purina, Boeing, and Staples. And now, he’s sharing just some of these lessons with you in this Deals & Dollars Weekly exclusive.

From TEDx to consulting with some of the biggest names in business to author of 27 popular books on a wealth of topics for every industry, Ginsberg is one of the nation’s most dynamic young entrepreneurs.

In this article, Scott shares what the power of the nametag can mean for your business, how you can be an efficiency machine by thinking less, and what he learned about motivation by eating some popular dog treats.

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5 Lessons from Scott Ginsberg

– How a Paper Nametag Can Influence Your Business

– Create Routine, Expend Brain Power on What’s Important

– Get ‘Tunnel’ Vision for Your Business Plan

– Efficiency is About What You Don’t Do

– Find Your Motivation

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